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Oct 1st 2019 : Workshop: 5G, Health Risks and Precautionary Principle : A New Rationale

Michele Rivasi and Klaus Buchner, MEPs from the Greens/EFA invite you to a Workshop on

5G, Health Risks and Precautionary Principle : A New Rationale

European Parliament, A5E1 : Oct 1st 2019, 15h-17h

According to the European Commission, the precautionary principle « may be invoked when a phenomenon, product or process may have a dangerous effect, identified by a scientific and objective evaluation, if this evaluation does not allow the risk to be determined with sufficient certainty ».

 An extensive scientific literature have been accumulated over the last decades on non-thermal electromagnetic fields (emf) effects. 8 effects, especially, have been extremely well-documented - from attacks on the nervous system, oxydative stress, to excessive calcium signalling for example - from 12 to 35 scientific reviews articles on each specific effect. Each of these effects is produced by the same mechanism of action : voltage-gated action channels.

 What about 5G ? We have no biological safety testing of genuine 5G radiation, and for the European Commission « an impact assessment is not considered necessary ». But we have strong suspicions of similar or more severe non-thermal effects of 5G for four different reasons : the extremely high numbers of antennas that is planned ; the very high energy outputs used to ensure penetration ; the strong absorption of 5G by the surface of organisms like insects, birds and trees ; and the extraordinarily high pulsation levels which make non-thermal EMF more biologically active.

 This workshop proposes to discuss this new rationale on the application of precautionary principle to 5G radiation.


 * Michele Rivasi is a Greens/EFA MEP who calls for an European biological and environmental impact assessment of 5G radiation. Michele Rivasi is a French biologist, specialist on environmental health and industrial pollution issues.

* Klaus Buchner, Greens/EFA MEP, is a professor of university on physics and is amongst the scientists and doctors who signs the 5G Appeal petition, calling for a moratorium of the 5G roll-out.

* Martin Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State Universit

* Marc Arazi, MD, Physician, chairman of the PhoneGate Alert NGO, about the overexposure of our mobile phones

* Maurizio Martucci, journalist, writer, national spokesman of the Italian Stop 5G Alliance and promoter of the European Stop5G Alliance

15:00 : Opening and Introduction (MEP Rivasi)

15:05 : The Great Risks of 5G (Martin Pall, USA)
15:20 : Q&A session (Moderator MEP Buchner)
15:40 : PhoneGate and 5G (Marc Arazi, Fr
15:50 : Q&A session (Moderator MEP Rivasi)
16:10 : A Policy of 5G Moratorium in Europe ? (Maurizio Martucci, IT)
16:30 : Q&A session (Moderator MEP Buchner)
16:40 : A new rationale on 5G Precautionary Principle ? Discussion
17:00 : Conclusion of the workshop (MEP Rivasi)



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